Switzerland (U20 Open)


EYUC U20 2023 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
0Hugo Bonhoure10011
3Luzi Stauffer10171027
6Flurin Schmitz910717
11Samuel Filliger10000
13Novel Amanuel10123
14Anders Silleborg10011
16Luis Bysäth10401252
19David Blum10303
26Maurice von Steiger10000
27Kaspar Hui10123
32Felix Gerwin1021113
33David Zieglgänsberger10055
40Lino Taormina6000
46Oscar Jørgensen10000
54Nino Stauffer10214263
70Sol Ghadamian109817
71Frederick Pollmeier10211233
77Jakob Salzmann1001111
99Kota Schnider10011

EYUC U20 2023:

Division: U20 Open

Switzerland 15 - 14 Netherlands  Game play
Switzerland 15 - 14 Czech Republic  Game play
Switzerland 12 - 15 Great Britain  Game play
Italy 15 - 5 Switzerland  Game play
Ireland 10 - 15 Switzerland  Game play
Switzerland 15 - 14 Belgium  Game play
Austria 15 - 12 Switzerland  Game play
Great Britain 15 - 14 Switzerland  Game play
Czech Republic 12 - 15 Switzerland  Game play
Switzerland 8 - 15 Belgium  Game play

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Netherlands2232211Thank swiss for this super intense first game of the tournament. Great start and an even better ending of an amazing game. Keep the same fighting spirit and sotg. Sorry for not bringing the stroopwafels if we can find some extra's we will definitely bring them to you guys. Good luck!
Czech Republic1222310Great communication from their spirit captain
Great Britain2242313Lots of well discussed calls, sometimes with perspectives from Switzerland players on the sideline that went against their own team in favour of ours - including a retracted foul on a Callahan for the final goal of the game - very nice team to play :)
Great Britain2233313Excellent spirit to accept an out call for what was almost a goal without any fuss and an amazing game overall - just a lovely team to play :)
Czech Republic2322211

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Czech Republic2322211
Great Britain221229There were some situations where your players were dishonest about calls that were advantageous to you. One example was the situation were the disc was down in front of the scoring endzone and our, as well as your coach said the disc was down but your player told us it was up all the time. Apparently the cameraman confirmed the down call with a picture. One other down call were one of your player said it was clearly up but an other strongly disagreed which seemed to be done just of own advantage
Belgium222129For self-Control, you reacted to calls from our side with saying things like they are stupid calls or even „pussy calls“. We think thats an unspirited and comments like that should be kept to themselfs even if they didn’t actively say it to a player from our team.
Great Britain2222311
Czech Republic2222311