Germany (U20 Women)


EYUC U20 2023 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
4Sarah Hermeking814923
5Britta Bachinger85914
6Ronja Michler8011
11Melanie Wolfangel8167
12Magdalena Schütz823730
14Paula Marie Lu Wagner85813
16Sandra Zankl7011
19Bingqing Zhang85914
20Janna Emilia Mons8044
21Elaine Widmaier7404
22Joya Pollmeier8123
25Anna Kampfert8181129
29Joke Faß8112
43Mathilda Luxenburger8213
55Elisabeth Maurer8459
65Eva Stoffels82911
76Sandy Spiegel8112
77Leona Albinger3000
84Wunna Schultz-Wild8134

EYUC U20 2023:

Division: U20 Women

Sweden 15 - 10 Germany  Game play
Germany 13 - 14 Great Britain  Game play
Italy 15 - 8 Germany  Game play
Austria 15 - 14 Germany  Game play
Germany 3 - 15 France  Game play
Germany 11 - 15 Czech Republic  Game play
Germany 15 - 11 Great Britain  Game play
Sweden 14 - 13 Germany  Game play

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Great Britain2223211We appreciated your positivity from the start to end of the game, especially sideline interactions despite the high pressure :) We wanted to shoutout when your teammates provided clarity for translation/rules knowledge - great communication! a few more hand signals could have been used by your players to make it a 3, just to help everyone on/off field be fully informed at all times. Danke schön!
Italy121228To many calls that took to long to be solved
Austria2233212Großes Danke für das mega geile Spiel! Es war cool zu sehen wie ihr von Anfang an mit mega viel Intensität ins Spiel gestartet seid und die über das gesamte Spiel hoch gehalten habt. Man hat eure positive Stimmung und eure Begeisterung für Frisbee über das ganze Spiel gemerkt und das war mega cool. Dickes Bussi, mögen Bibi und Tina immer mit euch sein :)
Czech Republic2223211
Great Britain2223211Once again a great vibe on the sideline, despite an intense game at the end. There was a moment of your sideline interjecting during a foul call, although the call had been resolved as uncontested. That being said, we wanted to acknowledge the fair mindedness of your sideline players - good luck!
Sweden2223211JA DEUTSCHLAND!!!

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Sweden2232312It was a very nice game, but what we think didn't go so well was the communication before the game. You arrived very late and we didn't really had time to talk to the captains before the pre-circle.
Great Britain2122310Technical is not a stoppage
Italy1112271.Rules were unknown and partly misinterpreted. We had several people voting for 0! 2.All players had much body contact and one player is injured due to very reckless play. We also had several people who voted for 0 here! 3.In the calls, the counterpart was not trusted. Even the down-call, which was called down by players (of both teams) with a good perspective was contested. 4.Your attitude was good: 3; self-control was a 1 in our eyes. 5.You didn't adapt what we agreed on in the Pre-circle.
Austria2223312Thank you for that incredible game :)
France2222311Please be aware of the 3 meter line
Czech Republic2222311
Great Britain2223312Thank you for this amazing rematch, we loved playing against you! We really like your Cheers and the atmosphere in your team makes it super fun playing against you! We find it a bit sad that the video evidence had to be used so often, it would be nicer if we could trust each other more in the calls. Good luck for tomorrow!
Sweden2222210Very strong game of you!